Friday, September 20, 2013


Less talk, more show . . .


Our video first premiered at midnight last night (some of you pointed out that it was actually 00:02:53 West Indonesian Time. Yeah, so in true Jakarta spirit where nobody has time to be on time, we were a liiiiittle late) and we made a tiny twitter party of a countdown leading up to the launch of the video starting from 6 pm Indonesian time. Sorry for all the people who stayed up way late to wait for the video, and thank you so much. It was fun and we have to do it again, maybe next time we'll bring coffee.

 Anyways, after we premiered, someone from twitterland asked this question:

We'll get to the masked man later. But this question hit the nail on the head for the reason behind us doing this video in the first place. 

You probably noticed it without us having to tell you that quite a few things have changed. Not just the hair, but our music also shifted ways a little bit. So we wanted to reflect that in the video. You could say we've matured, but we think "maturity" has become such an arrogant word and we don't like it much. So until we find a better word for it, its enough to say that we've simply changed. Hopefully, for the better.

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