Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Little Something Worth A Lot

Recently, we went to see The Cribs perform live in Singapore. They're one of our heroes, so imagine how freaking stoked we were when we got this:

Amazing. Huge slap-on-the-back thank you to Hasief who did this for us.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Rock Market at Rolling stone Live venue

Don't forget to come!!!! November 9th 2013.
 photo a144501f-fbb0-4388-a6fe-fd62aa47a15f.jpg

See you there, it's going to be real fuun.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

MERAH at Tokove Acoustic Set (29th September 2013)

A little bit from what we played at Tokove on Sunday.

For more, tune in tomorrow at our Youtube channel for more videos from the acoustic set!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

LINE UP for TOKOVE Acoustic Set

Hey guys!

It's getting closer to Sunday, and for those of you planning to know the what time exactly that you need to make your escape (preferably by jumping out of a glass window with alarms blaring and 20 police cars chasing after you) from your office or classroom, here is the line up for 29th of September . . .

See you there! And if you had to dodge bullets and do backflips with your car to avoid the police because of your daring escape, we'll be there with beer for you.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Playing Less Noisy for TOKOVE


Not too long ago we tweeted this to you guys . . .

And yesterday, we were sent this pretty picture to show you guys . . .

Yup, details are out! We'll be playing an acoustic setup for our good friends over at Tokove. It's free, it's fun and, even though it's less noisy than what we're used to, who knows how noisy it'll get after dark. (The last time, the Pak RT showed up. Whoops.)

See you there!

Friday, September 20, 2013


Less talk, more show . . .


Our video first premiered at midnight last night (some of you pointed out that it was actually 00:02:53 West Indonesian Time. Yeah, so in true Jakarta spirit where nobody has time to be on time, we were a liiiiittle late) and we made a tiny twitter party of a countdown leading up to the launch of the video starting from 6 pm Indonesian time. Sorry for all the people who stayed up way late to wait for the video, and thank you so much. It was fun and we have to do it again, maybe next time we'll bring coffee.

 Anyways, after we premiered, someone from twitterland asked this question:

We'll get to the masked man later. But this question hit the nail on the head for the reason behind us doing this video in the first place. 

You probably noticed it without us having to tell you that quite a few things have changed. Not just the hair, but our music also shifted ways a little bit. So we wanted to reflect that in the video. You could say we've matured, but we think "maturity" has become such an arrogant word and we don't like it much. So until we find a better word for it, its enough to say that we've simply changed. Hopefully, for the better.

Monday, September 16, 2013

A Little Something We've Been Working On


Ternyata ada yang mengira kita udah bubar. Lha? Bubar gimana? Kita pun heran. Ketawa sih, tapi heran. Tapi di sisi lain, kita jadi agak sadar (agak?) kalo mungkin udah saatnya kita 'koar-koar' mengenai apa aja yang lagi kita kerjain belakangan ini.

Kita mohon maaf nih karena dari entah berapa waktu lalu kita jarang ngasih update Monyet lagi ngapain aja. Bahkan kita lupa untuk posting di blog kalo kita ikut meramaikan Java Rocking Land 2013 di panggung JUICE MVRCK bulan Juni lalu. Makasih banget untuk temen-temen dari Plug and PlayTV yang ngerekam manggung kita.

Dan kebetulan kita baru aja mau update soal ini nih . . .

Baru-baru ini kita selesai proses syuting sama Kevin Aulia (yang kita berikan panggilan sayang "Biyons" yang merupakan lafal alternatif dari "Beyonce"), Ganda Prakasa dan Gilang Ain Nuraga untuk videoklip single pertama kita, "Sepi Melaju" dan kita seneng banget sama hasilnya.

Videoklipnya naik hari Jumat, 20 September 2013 so wait and see!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Sub Stereo @Oz Radio Jakarta 90.8FM


 photo BKwua4pCUAAYUiO.jpg

Jangan lupa hari Minggu 26 May 2013, kita akan main di acara Sub Stereo Oz radio Jakarta pada jam 17.00.
Dengerin terus Ozradio Jakarta 90.8FM.